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Temperli Camlar


Glass tempering process increases the strength and resistance to thermal stress. Tempering process, glass is heated to 700 °. Then the the glass is quickly and suddenly cooled by dry air blowing. Meanwhile, surface shrivels up and gets harder. The interior remains hot for a while also keeping up with the outside begins to shrivel up. As a result, the pressure in the outer part, inner part consists of the tension and stresses.

While the normal glasses are durable to 30 ° - 50 ° heat shock, tempered glasses are durable up to 300 ° heat shock. Divided into dice-sized pieces when broken has revealed the risk of injury to a minimum level suitable for use as safety glass.

Mechanical Test of Tempered Glass
As shown in the adjacent, 6mm normal glass broken when the 500 gr metal ball is released above 30 cm. However, the fracture threshold of 6 mm tempered glass is up to 200 cm. 


Temperli Cam Mekanik Testi