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Güneş Kontrol CamlarıSolar Control Glasses:

TENTESOL® On-line pyrolytic coated solar control glass Tentesol® is the trademark of the on-line pyrolytic (hard) coated solar control glass of Trakya Cam.

Manufactured by applying a thin, reflective and highly durable metal oxide coating on clear or tinted glass during the production of float glass.The pyrolytic coating is highly resistant and stable.Silver, green and blue colors are available.

With its high reflectance, Tentesol® offers a uniform appearance for buildings with curtain walls by covering background features such as spandrels, columns, beams, suspended ceilings etc.

The coating can be placed facing outside (surface: 1) or inside (surface: 2) of the building. Reflectance is emphasized with first; and color is emphasized with second surface applications.
If the coating is exposed to the outside (surface:1) dirt accumulation on the reflective surfaces will be more visible, the cleaning of the glass will be required more often regarding the air pollution and amount of dust in the atmosphere. Therefore glazing with the coating on surface: 2 is recommended.

Can be used as single glazing. Mild detergents and gentle solvents should be used for cleaning. Sharp objects and abrasives should be avoided on the coated surface. Thus assembling into Isıcam® insulating glass units is recommended.

Can be incorporated into Isıcam® units with clear float or Heat Control (Low-E coated) Glass.Can be toughened, heat strengthened and bent. Lamination is possible. When laminating Tentesol® , all panes of the laminated glass should be either toughened or heat strengthened in order to avoid thermal breakage risks. For spandrel and facade cladding applications, special polyester opacifier film can be bonded to the coated surface. The opacifier film manufacturer should approve conformity of polyester opacifier film and coated surface.Enamelling is possible. Please refer to the processing guidelines for details.

Tentesol® solar control glass is subjected to thermal breakage risks. In order to avoid thermal breakage risks, toughening or heat strengthening is recommended.

güneş kontrol camları günes kontrol camları
güneş kontrol camları
güneş kontrol camları